Mariam E. Gallaher M.D. Amphitheater dedication

by Richard Baker in Amphitheater, News | June 12, 2017

Today at the Madelyn Helling Library in Nevada City, we celebrated the Grand Opening of the Marian E. Gallaher M.D. Amphitheater designed by Siteline Architecture.

The event was  held from 11:00 AM until noon in the outdoor amphitheater at the Madelyn Helling Library at 980 Helling Way in Nevada City.

The ribbon cutting took place at 11:00 AM followed by a dedication from amphitheater benefactor, Jackie Wilson. Attendees were treated to the summer’s first Musical Mondays at Madelyn’s concert featuring Beaucoup Chapeaux, courtesy of InConcert Sierra. Light refreshments were provided by the Friends of the Nevada County Libraries.

As well, the following poem was read by Nevada County Poet Laureate Molly Fisk:


Surrounding: A Rogue Sonnet


An ancient shape, a partial bowl to hold

the sound of words and notes a moment


before releasing them past attending ears

into a wider circle of pines and oaks


and cedars, sound borne on the wind,

over Hirschman’s Pond, the hills: Cement


and Wet, the little mountains: Round and Banner,

and then higher into Sierra crags and the flyway


traced by Sandhill Cranes yet at the same time

lower, skimming the rivulets and creek beds,


finding the river, dropping into hidden tunnels

and mining shafts where history’s buried


next to luck, the song now echoing so faintly only

the earth’s bones and the closest stars can hear it.



  • Molly Fisk